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Beck Enterprises owns and operates a fleet of highly proprietary Mobile Retroreflectometers or MRU’s. Each MRU is equipped with custom Laser optics boxes meeting ASTM E 1710 specifications paired with our unique data acquisition system.

We offer proprietary and customizable deliverables tailored to meet our clients’ highway safety needs. Including but not limited to:

  • Retroreflectivity testing on pavement markings and pavement messages
  • Color chromaticity testing on pavement markings and pavement messages,
  • Total condition assessments of in place markings and pavement surface, software and hardware development
  • HD video collection

All Mobile Retroreflectometers are owned and operated by Beck Enterprises comply with ASTM E 1710-95, a Standard Test Method for Measurement of Retroreflected Pavement Markings Materials with CEN-30 Prescribed Geometry Reflectometers using 30-meter geometry.


Beck Enterprises employs a team of software engineers who specialize in developing proprietary and specific  software solutions for each piece of our pipeline.  These Platforms include data acquisition, data warehousing & data management and imbedded firmware development. 

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