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Mobile Retroreflectivity Testing & Surveying

Beck Enterprises focuses on driving a culture that inspires innovation and creativity to maximize the performance and outcome of our service-products. We build and employ an array of state of the art equipment, software and cloud-based systems, along side expertly trained crews. Our team works hard to guarantee that our clients receive the highest level of customer service.

Since early 2002, Beck Enterprises has performed consulting and data collection services in over 25 states and for countless private sector entities within the industry.

Our organization offers proprietary and customizable systems tailored to meet our clients’ Retroreflective surveying needs; including but not limited to, pavement markings, pavement messages, condition assessment, wet Retroreflectivity testing, color chromaticity testing, software development, etc.

Core Tenets

Providing protection

Our highest calling as individuals is to serve others. At Beck Enterprises we hold this belief in the highest of regards.  It is our mission to work toward the zero highway fatality initiative.    

Inspection, Measurement, Metrics

The cornerstone of our work is in the collection, preparation and presentation of highly accurate, reproducible Retroreflectivity data.

Investment in People

At Beck Enterprises we provide a working environment that cultivates talent and expands upon their knowledge base. With a focus on team oriented goals and individual triumphs, we celebrate our successes individually and holistically.  

Driving toward ZERO highway fatalities

What We Do

Data Collection

Our two man crews are expertly trained to collect reliable data while exercising the highest safety standards in the industry.  

data portal

Data Management and Data Warehousing

Beck Enterprises offers a breadth of data storage options, custom built, to suit your needs.  

programming, html, css

Software Engineering

The dedicated software team at Beck Enterprises drives improvements in user interface,  user design,  data management, data collection and data display.  



Beck Enterprises leans on the expertise of our in house engineers to design, fabricate and maintain our fleet and our ASTM E1710 compliant Mobile Retroreflectometers.  

Mobile Retroreflectivity, Software Development, Asset Management, Consulting