About Beck Enterprises

Beck Enterprises provides the highest quality data while ensuring safety, accuracy and reliability

Since early 2002, Beck Enterprises has performed consulting and data collection services throughout North America and for countless private sector entities within the industry

We feel that communication with our clients is absolutely essential to the success of any project. Beck Enterprises employs a variety of tools to effectively communicate with our clients. This includes written, verbal, and/or electronic methods via our cloud-based Data Portal. Beck Enterprises has the ability to digitally video our run-files, providing another means to communicate our results. To consult with the client concerning our data collection services we encourage on-site meetings and feedback to demonstrate our technological ability.

Engineering our future

Numbers Speak For Themselves

+ States Serviced
Mobile Retroreflectometers

Countless projects completed for satisfied private sector entities

Proven by Years of Specialization

We specialize in ascertaining highly accurate data pertaining to the retro-reflective properties of
pavement markings. We employ various state of the art equipment, software, cloud-based data management system,
and expertly trained data collection crews. Our trained professionals work hard to guarantee our clients receive the
most accurate, reliable, and repeatable surveys in a timely manner.

Focused on Innovation

Beck Enterprises is committed to fostering a working environment that inspires innovation and creativity through all aspects of our business model. We continue to invest heavily in improving the accuracy, reliability, and means of delivering/presenting our service product to our clients.

Driven by innovation
solving tomorrows problems today