Beck Enterprises owns and operates a fleet of highly proprietary Mobile Retroreflectometers or MRU’s. Each MRU is equipped with custom Laser optics boxes meeting ASTM E 1710 specifications and paired with our unique data acquisition system. Our organization offers proprietary and customizable deliverables tailored to meet our clients’ highway safety needs; including but not limited to, Retroreflectivity and color chromaticity testing on pavement markings and pavement messages, total condition assessments of in place markings and pavement surface, software and hardware development, Full HD video collection, etc.

All of the Mobile Retroreflectometers owned and operated by Beck Enterprises comply with ASTM E 1710-95 (Standard Test Method for Measurement of Retroreflected Pavement Markings Materials with CEN-30 Prescribed Geometry Reflectometers) using 30-meter geometry. Beck Enterprises owns and operates a fully equipped testing laboratory and full-spectrum proving ground at our headquarters in South St. Paul, Minnesota. We continue to design, build, and test the finest Mobile Retroreflectometer surveying systems available.



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